The poems and the 19-year-old you

May 10, 2019 • Read: 237 • Life

Programmer's hard life

Hahaha, simply explain it to yourself. 2019 is a clean year. This year is very simple. After the Spring Festival, it is normal to come to Wuhan. Although I have studied in Wuhan, I don’t like it. this place. Come to Wuhan is purposeful oh ~ is to learn the front end, to be a very powerful full stack engineer! I have learned a lot from the beginning of February. Although I have a little basic foundation, I have realized that I have many deficiencies after systematic learning, so I intend to continue. I used to work outside for a year. I remember that I really missed my life in school after I started out from school. Suddenly, I was a little uncomfortable at the beginning of my class, but I slowly began to like this rhythm because it was sufficient. More or less every day.

My day

In fact, it is very simple, get up at 7:30 in the morning, then wash and eat breakfast, of course, sometimes in order to sleep a few more minutes and ignore the breakfast, knowing that it is not good for your body... But sometimes you can’t control it. Yourself. Although I have to go to the classroom at 8:00 every day, I am never late, not afraid of being late for a red envelope of 10 yuan, but because of the cultivation. There should be a minimum attitude towards doing things. It will start at 8:00, take a break in 45 minutes, and continue to lunch until 12:00. Then there is the lunch break. When I sleep until 13:20, I will start the afternoon training class until 17:20 and have dinner. After dinner, it is of course a late self-study. It is only after 8:00. Although sometimes it is very hard, I think it is worth it. Because the feeling of harvesting every day is naturally very comfortable. Fuck.... It feels like I’m in the water account, or the primary school diary, forgive me for a limited amount of literature.

Some entertainment activities

There is basically no entertainment, sleeping in the dormitory or typing code after the holiday. Occasionally, a local fat man from Wuhan took me to a nearby free spot to play, hahaha... During this period, I went to the Moshan Scenic Area in Wuhan and the botanical gardens. The Moshan Scenic Area is still very fun, you can climb the mountain. Amway has a wave ~ but these places are the best in spring, or autumn hahaha, especially the last cherry blossoms of the last week, it is better than the big ones..... It’s too beautiful..... Not on the map, in order to ensure that this article is clean and tidy.....

Something that makes me happy

The code is not Bug, life is regular, you can sink your heart, get rewards every day, be an ordinary person, you and the future have both, the family is safe for life, listen to a favorite song without interruption.......

About the future

After the end, I plan to go to Hangzhou, Shanghai, or Shenzhen to find a job and do what I like. In this industry to achieve a satisfactory achievement, find their own world, do something that is conducive to human progress, of course, including world peace ~

"The cloud of the hometown. The poems of the hand. You are 19 years old." Just like this sentence, just take it and make a title.

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